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Housing Charges

In the Co-op sector we use the term housing charge instead of rent. We use this term because our housing charge will help cover all expenses that run the Co-op. These monies will cover the following: mortgages, any staff, and repairs of all kinds, some social events, heat, hot water and reserve.

This does not include: parking spot, phone, cable, hydro or contents insurance.

All housing charges must be in on the last day of the month, for the following month. For example: the housing charge for the month of July must be received by the office by the 30th of June. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH.

If you are late there will be a late fee of $25 dollars. A notice will be sent to appear before a meeting of the Board of Directors at which the option of eviction may be considered if housing charges are not paid in full before the fifth day of each month. Late payment of housing charges twice within a year will be considered chronic late payment. A notice to appear will be issued to members who pay their housing charges chronically late. Failure to pay late payment charges will be considered non-payment of housing charges.

Housing charges may be paid by cheque, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or through the Debit machine located in the office. If a cheque for payment of housing charges is returned by the bank or credit union for any reason including NSF (not sufficient funds), funds held, stop payment or account closed, a $20 charge will be applied to the member account. Upon notification by the Co-op, returned cheques must be replaced within 2 business days. A Notice to Consider Eviction will be issued if a returned cheque is not replaced within 2 days of notification by the Co-op. If two cheques are returned within a twelve-month period, the member will be required to pay housing charges by certified cheque or money order for a period of one year. Payment in any other form will not be accepted. (Cash is NOT accepted.) Failure to pay returned cheque charges will be considered non-payment of housing charges.

Member Deposit

Members must pay a member deposit to the co-op. This deposit cannot be used as the last month’s housing charges. Members must pay this deposit before moving into their unit, unless the co-op allows them to pay it over time.

If members pay the full monthly housing charges, they must pay a member deposit equal to the monthly housing charges plus 40 percent.

If members pay the full monthly housing charges, the amount of the member deposit will be adjusted by the same percentage as any change in the member’s monthly housing charges.

The co-op will return the member deposit when the member and the member’s household leave the co- op permanently. Before returning the deposit, the co-op can deduct any amount which the member owes because:

  • the member did not give enough notice
  • the unit was not left in the condition required under the co-op by-laws
  • the member owes money to the co-op, or
  • the member did not pay their last month’s housing charges.


To help keep the quality of life in the Co-op, we require that you must participate in the Co-operative. You are required to give four hours per month. You are also required to attend general members meetings. These are held 2 times a year. This is your time to suggest to us how you want the Co-operative to be run. We all have equal say in the running of the Co-op. You are welcome and encouraged to join the committees, or you may help in other ways such as gardening, cleaning the side stairwells, shoveling snow in the winter, delivering notices from the office, etc.

Pet Policy

(Under review)


When you have a problem with a neighbour you must try to solve any differences amongst yourselves. If this cannot be done then the next step would be to send a letter to the Co-op office addressed to the Board of Directors with your grievance. At this point the Board will try to address the issues between the members to a satisfactory conclusion. If you are feeling harassed, threatened, or are made to feel unsafe by a neighbours actions you are always allowed to call Police.

Annual Inspections

The annual inspections are to check for any damages to the buildings and to determine any deficiencies with the appliances, radiators, and unit. This will help the Co-op to budget correctly in order to plan for future repairs that may be required.

It is the member’s responsibility to take care of the unit and Co-op property (appliances, bathroom fixtures, counter tops, cupboards, floors, walls etc.) within the units. Members are required to put in a work order for repairs to be completed on the unit. The work orders should be sent into maintenance in a timely manner to avoid further damage to the unit. If you do not report a repair need to the co-op, and the issue becomes worse as a result of you not reporting the issue, you may be charged for the cost to repair this issue. The member will also have to pay if the repairs are a result of damage or neglect by the member.

Normal wear and tear repairs will not be charged back to the member.

Paint and Wall Paper

If you wish to paint your unit, it must be in neutral colours, or prior to your move out you will be required to paint the unit back to a neutral colour or white. You must buy the supplies and do the painting yourself. The co-op currently does not reimburse. You are welcome to wallpaper; however, the wallpaper must be removed prior to your move out.


If you wish to put down carpeting, is must have jute backing for under pad, please no foam. The carpets must never be permanently affixed to the floors. If this is the case the member will be responsible for sanding and refinishing of the hardwood floors.

Garbage & Organic Waste

Organic waste will be picked up every Tuesday. Household garbage and organic waste will be picked up every alternate Tuesday. The pickup schedule is available on the City of Toronto website. Electronics and appliances may be placed by the curb every Tuesday for pickup. However, large bulk items such chesterfields and couches will also be picked up on Tuesday but will require you to contact the City prior to pickup.

      Members are responsible for separating their garbage, recycling and organic waste.
      Not only is it in accordance with City Bylaws it is your civic responsibility to do so.

      Please refer to the Office News & Notes page for more information.   LINK

Yard waste will begin in mid March and will be picked up every alternate Tuesday.


There are three laundry rooms available for members of Norris Crescent Co-op. These are located in the north side basement at the back of buildings 11, 21, and 25. The machines use ‘laundry cards’ available in the kiosks in the laundry rooms. The cost is $1.50 for either a wash or a dry. The machines are serviced by Coin-o-Matic. If there is a problem with the machines pleases call the number posted on the laundry room.

The hours for doing laundry are 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. please be considerate of the members whose bedrooms are located directly over the laundry rooms.

The plumbing and venting system of the units cannot support these machines.


You are allowed to have a visitor live with your for three months. After which they must apply for membership. At this point they must become a member or a long-term guest.

People over the age of 16 are encouraged to become a member of the Co-op, or must become a long term guest after the age of 18.

If you have a guest, you are responsible for their actions and if there is any difficulties the Co-op may request that your guest leave the Co-op. If the trouble persists, your membership and occupancy rights will be in jeopardy.

The Co-op has a limited number of visitor parking spots, only four (4). Visitor parking passes are issued by the office to all units. Members are requested not to park in visitor parking at any time.


The Co-op has outdoor parking only. Each spot is numbered and cost $25.00 each. Members pay per month per vehicle. Spots are limited and will be given to members over non-members. The Co-op does on occasion rent parking spots to non-members.


Members are required to have contents insurance prior to moving in. Further, each member must deliver proof of insurance to the co-op office at least once a year by a date set by the board of directors. The form of proof of insurance will be approved by the board.

Move Outs

The member must give sixty (60) days written notice of move-out, and the notice must end on the last day of a month (e.g. you can give notice of move out for June 30, but not for June 1 – 29).

There will be two (2) inspections of your unit before you move out. This will help us determine what repairs you are required to do before move out and what repairs the co-op is required to cover.

Remember, you MUST pay your last month’s rent.