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Thank you for your interest in applying for membership at the Norris Crescent Housing Cooperative.

ALL the information you need on co-op living can be found on the 1st page, and information on the unit costs can be found on 2nd page of the application form.

We have 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom units. Please note that these are apartments in 2 storey buildings, and all are walkups (there are no elevators). We do not have townhouses.

You are welcome to apply to go on our waiting list for the next units that become vacant.

The Co-op's rules state that members must have either a dog or a cat but not both. There is talk of changing this rule soon, but just thought you should know that it is as I explained right now.

Please print off our application form, take time to read it through fully and carefully, then have all applicants in your household over 16 years of age fill it out completely, make photocopies of all requested documentation, and then either mail the full package back to us or come drop it off in person as soon as possible.

Once we receive and review your completed application we will perform the necessary credit checks, landlord checks, and income verifications. Then we can schedule an interview with you to consider you for a unit.

      ›   You may fill out our Application Form and send it to the office via enail, or drop it off during office hours. LINK PDF
      ›   You may also be interested in reading our Co-op Fact Sheet: LINKPDF